USA High School Triathlon Conference
USA High School Triathlon Conference

Conference Founder / Director:
Mark Mason

  2017 USA High School Triathlon Conference Board of Directors

Director and Founder - Mark Mason
Division 1 Captain - Mark Mason
Division 2 Captain - Michael Collins


High School Triathlon and the USA-HSTC

The USA High School Triathlon Conference (USAHSTC), founded by Mark Mason in 2011, is an association of high schools within the USA Triathlon of the United States.The USA HSTC is recognized as the governing body for the sport of high school triathlon for all schools within THE USA. USA HSTC management is located in Point Arena, CA.
The high school teams will be broken down into seperate league divisions with state and league division championship Races.

Division:1 - Northern California, Utah, Nevada
Division:2 - Southern California, Arizona
Division:3 - New York
Division:4 - Florida

Team Scoring: Best of 3 races combined score

1st place - 10 points
2nd place - 9 points
3rd place - 8 points
4th place - 7 points
5th place - 6 point
6th place - 5 points
7th place - 4 points
8th place - 3 points
9th place - 2 points
10th place - 1 point

The High School team with the most points wins. We will have a 1st place Division trophy winner as well as a 1st place State and National Championship trophy winner.
Individual medals if any are usually given to athletes by the organization putting on the event


High school competition has been a cornerstone of organized sports in this country for over 100 years. High school athletics have provided millions of students the opportunity to participate in their sport during high school, not only recreationally, but also as a development ground for Olympic-caliber athletes. As of 2011, there had been no concerted effort to facilitate broader development of high school triathlon within the United States. Seeing this and recognizing the overwhelming growth of the sport of triathlon across the United States, Mark Mason and student-triathletes representing a number of schools from California and western Nevada banded together to develop the structure for inter high school competition for the sport of triathlon themselves. The result was the USA HSTC.


The mission of the USA High School Triathlon Conference is to administer, develop and promote high school triathlon within the United States of America. The USA HSTC shall host an annual Conference Championship event to determine team and individual champions. working closely with the College and University teams and coaches by having the high schools compete at and helping support there races, while pursuing a leadership role regionally and nationally to foster the growth of high school triathlon.

To achieve this, the USA HSTC shall:

   1.•Establish membership policy and certify clubs and athletes as members.

   2.•Appoint a Conference Director.

   3.•Facilitate a yearly Conference Championship event.

   4.•Annually track season results via a Conference Omnium.

   5.•Pursue financial support for its mission and its members.

   6.•Foster communication with other high school triathlon teams,  conferences and regions.


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