Caliornia High School Triathlon Conference
2015 High School Champions
Congratulations 2015 Division 2, State and National Champion - Mater Dei High School

Congratulations 2015 Division 1 Champion -
College Preparatory High School

Your team can race Any, All or Some of These races and submit the best score from all of your top 3 races.
Team Scoring: Best of 3 races combined score

1st place - 10 points
2nd place - 9 points
3rd place - 8 points
4th place - 7 points
5th place - 6 point
6th place - 5 points
7th place - 4 points
8th place - 3 points
9th place - 2 points
10th place - 1 point

The High School team with the most points wins. We will have a 1st place Division trophy winner as well as a 1st place State and National Championship trophy winner.
Individual medals if any are usually given to athletes by the organization putting on the event

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